25th October 2018 Loose bananas in supermarket

Plastic – the good, the bad and the ugly

Plastic is the new bête-noire of today’s environmental movement. We have seen heart-breaking scenes of pollution and real damage caused by single use plastic in the environment in David Attenborough’s Blue Planet 2 programme and excellent campaigning work by others. BBC’s Blue Planet 2 showed us the incredible beauty and diversity of life in our […]

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8th September 2018 Tips on cutting your plastic usage to reduce plastic pollution

Tips on cutting your plastic usage to reduce plastic pollution

The images are heart-breaking: dead marine animals entangled in plastic, formerly beautiful beaches covered in plastic waste and the mounting evidence of micro-plastics pervading our eco-systems. Plastic isn’t all bad. Used properly, it helps keep food fresh and protects products from damage. Its durability means that it is also a useful material in manufacturing and […]

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8th January 2018 4 r's of sustainability

What is an eco-friendly product?

We think about what constitutes an eco-friendly product continuously. We’re always looking for new products and assessing them for whether they would be suitable to sell on ECO Arcade. You’ll be relieved to hear that we don’t automatically believe every claim and make up our own mind based on a widely accepted 4 R’s of […]

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9th September 2016 Eco Kettles – saving energy and cutting your bills

Eco Kettles – saving energy and cutting your bills

Most UK households use a kettle daily. While modern kettles can boil water quickly, that comes at cost to your energy bills and harm to environment from CO2 emissions and other impacts. As it’s something you use every day, any small measures to reduce the amount of energy you use adds up over time to […]

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29th July 2016 Costs of charging devices

Costs of charging a mobile, laptop or tablet – power required and charging while on the move

As most of us rely on our mobile phones and other portable devices it’s important to keep them fully charged so they work when you need them. Some people charge devices overnight, some just plugin as soon as they wake up. But what does it cost and are you damaging the planet through excess carbon […]

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