15th November 2016 2016 global temperatures

2016 will be the warmest year in history

There were warning signs earlier with exceptional droughts, heatwaves and unseasonal weather but the UN weather agency stated that 2016 will almost certainly be the hottest year ever. The World Meteorological Organisation (WMO) said this year would be the warmest since records began in the late 19th-century, with average surface temperatures 1.2C above pre-industrial times. […]

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4th November 2016 Starbucks plastic coffee cups

Is It Time To Take-Away Disposable Coffee Cups?

In Great Britain alone, eight million takeaway coffees are bought every day. That’s a lot of coffee. It’s also a lot of cups (not to mention lids and cup holders). However, it’s okay, because according to the big coffee chains, these cups are recyclable. Why wouldn’t we believe that? After all, most are labelled with […]

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