19th October 2016 plastic water bottle recycling

UK failure to recycle half of its plastic bottles prompts calls for action

Recent campaigns by Hugh’s War on Waste, have shown us that single use drinks cups can’t be recycled easily, but plastics bottles can. Therefore it’s a major concern that Recycle Now have discovered that the UK throws away 16 million plastic bottles a day, over 50% of the total daily usage. This material ends up […]

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10th October 2016 solar panels on roof

New solar panels breaking efficiency records

Researchers are reporting big advances in efficiency of new solar panels. MIT and Masdar Institute announced they had created a new solar cell that was 35% efficient and less expensive than other high-efficiency cells. Also recently a a team at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne (EPFL) claimed it has beaten the MIT/Masdar […]

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