10th December 2014 reusable packaing

Packaging for small items may be reused

Packaging can be a controversial subject. Too much packaging and you get accused of being wasteful, too little packaging and you run the risk of not protecting the item, resulting in damage and causing more waste. Recently we have had several large donations of padded envelopes and they are ideal for sending some of our smaller items.

Rest assured that we will take every precaution to ensure that your purchase is well protected and delivered intact, but please don’t be disappointed if the padded envelope has already been through the postal system at least once before. The amount of wasted resource being sent to landfill or incinerated is shocking (about 177 million tonnes per year in England alone – UK government policies on waste) and we don’t wish to add to this amount any more that we have to.

We select our products to educate, inform and at best save energy or make life more comfortable. How they are sent to you is important and we will try, whenever possible to balance protecting the item so it doesn’t get damaged in transit and reducing the impact of the packaing on the environment.

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