EndoTherm™ is an energy saving additive which can be added to any wet central heating system. Most central heating systems use water to transfer heat but in reality it’s not the most efficient susbstance for transferring heat.

EndoTherm™ works by simply improving the heat transfer properties of the water within a heating system resulting in big gains in overall system efficiency.

Modern boilers are often marketed on their stand-alone efficiency, but not how they operate as part of a complete heating system. In fact, inefficiencies within a whole heating system (e.g. sizing of radiators, oversized boilers, long piperuns, etc) cause the boiler to overwork. EndoTherm™ reduces this overwork by reaching the desired temperature quicker, then retaining the heat for longer.EndoTherm installation

EndoTherm™ has been independently proven to use on average of­ 15% less fuel to maintain the same temperature levels as water alone.

EndoTherm™ is produced in the UK and has been successfully installed into thousands of commercial and domestic locations across Europe.

Key points:

  • EndoTherm™ is an energy saving additive for central heating systems proven to save up to ­15%
  • The effects of EndoTherm™ have been independently tested and proven by an ISO 17025 ‑ accredited test house.
  • EndoTherm™ is proven to be non-corrosive and works with all brands of inhibitors.
  • Easy installation in ­10-15 minutes.
  • EndoTherm™ will work in any closed, wet central heating system.

EndoTherm™ has now been installed in a large number of domestic and commercial properties and here are some case studies:

Housing association saves over 15% energy using EndoTherm™

EndoTherm™ was installed at the head offices of a large housing association in the North West of England. The office has a heating system that includes a 70kW boiler, 15 radiators and an indirect hot water calorifier. With a system volume of  Direct comparisons of the usage between 2012/13 and 2013/14 identified an uncompensated saving of 26.9% or 15.67% when factoring in degree days.

EndoTherm™ generates savings of 15% in Care home

The Bagatelle Care Home is built on 4 levels and accommodates 41 residents. Like all care homes it must be kept warm at about 26oC. There are two heating systems: an old PottertonBoiler System and a more modern ACV Boiler System which serves the newer part of the building.

There are 100 radiators on the older part of the system and 60 radiators in the new part of the building.

EndoTherm™ works by reducing the surface tension of water and improving the heat transfer.

It was estimated that there were 10 litres of water per radiator in a 1600 litre system. EndoTherm™ was added by isolating a radiator and adding the product through the bleed valve in November 2011.

The recorded usage for June / July 2011 were comared to June / July 2012 using degreee day data (a degree day (DD) is a measurement designed to measure the demand for energy needed to heat a building is derived from measurements of outside air temperature. The heating requirements for a given building at a specific location are considered to be directly proportional to the number of DD at that location – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Heating_degree_day)

In 2011 there were 3281 kWh used. After the addition of EndoTherm™ in 2012, there were 3100 kWh. The savings without degree data were (3281-3100)/3281 = 5.5%.

The savings with degree data were 33%. Overall the savings were calculated at 15%.

Large Georgian house used as a museum saves 12% using EndoTherm™

The performance of EndoTherm™ was trialled by a local council at a late Georgian house with Victorian extensions which has been a museum since the early 1980s.

Equipped with a Concorde 40 kW CXA Boiler system and 14 double radiators, the museum had a system capacity of 400 L and an annual usage of 93.134 kWh.

EndoTherm™ was installed in November 2013.

Comparisons, before and after installation, of gas usage identified a saving of 12% due to EndoTherm™.

This represented an excellent saving for a listed building where more intrusive energy saving measures were not viable.

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