27th January 2020 One simple action to cut energy usage from kettles

One simple action to cut energy usage from kettles

Some home appliances may seem to use a lot of energy such as electric ovens, dishwashers or washing machines but it’s the humble kettle that uses the most. On average the kettle uses about 6% of all the electricity supplied to British homes. While an electric oven doesn’t always get used every day, a kettle […]

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27th September 2019 Plastic recycling

Where does our plastic recycling go – UK’s dirty secrets?

Recycling is not new. In times when resources were precious and pre-industrial revolution, people often recycled, reused and repaired much more than now.  The Japanese were recycling paper in the 11th century; medieval blacksmiths made armour from scrap metal. During the second world war, scrap metal was made into tanks and women’s nylons into parachutes. […]

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10th December 2018 Artificial or real Christmas tree

Artificial or real Christmas trees – which is better for the environment?

If you’re dreaming of a green Christmas then your choice of Christmas tree is a major decision. Artificial trees are increasingly popular as they look ever more life-like and convenient. Real trees are a bit more work in putting them up securely, keeping the needles on and then disposing of them after Christmas. There are, […]

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