H2O water fuel cell powered weather station


H2O water powered weather station. Features include: temperature (C or F), humidity, time, date, day, year display. All powered by replaceable H2O cell

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H2O water fuel cell powered weather station. Graphical display for weather trend, e.g. sunshine, rain, clouds etc. Alarm function.

The H2O water powered Weather Station uses the latest long life H2O technology to power this multi information display.

Simply add water to the H2O battery to activate it, and enjoy free energy.

The H2O Weather Station provides you with a weather forecast by icons, time, alarm, calendar, humidity and (inside) temperature.

  • Powered by a few drops of water
  • Displays a weather forecast
  • Displays time and date
  • Includes alarm clock
  • Shows current room temperature

Replacement batteries are widely available.

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