Alternative energy

Alternative energy powered toys.


Products to help you survive the great outdoors!


ECO friendly camping products such as solar lights, solar chargers, solar powerbanks and bug repellers.

Charge controllers

Charge controllers and accessories for solar panels.


Wearable ECO friendly products.


ECO friendly cycling products.

Eco Kettles

A kettle is a high energy appliance that is used many times a day so there is a lot of scope for saving energy and cutting bills. Our Eco kettles let you easily only heat the water you need to the right temperature for your drink or need. This can save a lot of energy and cut your energy bills. With typical annual running costs for a kettle being between £30 to £40 you can make big savings using one of these kettles.


Products to help anyone learning about sustainability and environmental protection.

Executive gifts

Solar or wind powered gifts.


Energy saving, eco-friendly, convenient products for home and garden


Energy saving product for kitchens.


Ethical and eco-friendly pet products, cutting plastic pollution or using recycled or ethical materials.

Power storage

Off-grid mini power stations for power storage and running devices.


Recycled products, saving resources, energy but are still functional and beautiful

Recycled products

Recycled products contain waste materials that have been processed and made into new products. The right products save resources, energy and reduce the amount of waste going to landfill, rivers, seas and oceans.


Reusable products save energy and resources. Single use plastic water bottles, bags etc are very wasteful and contribute to the growing problem of plastic pollution in our seas, waste finite resources and fill up landfill. By using reuable products you are helping to reduce your carbon footprint, cut sea pollution and save the planet's resources.


All things solar powered or charged by the sun! This section includes solar panels, solar gadgets, solar powerbanks etc.


Solar powered toys

Solar chargers

Solar powered charging products to keep your gadgets powered up.

Solar gadgets

Solar tech and gadgets for convenience and saving you money.

Solar panel mountings

All the kit you need to fix your panels to anything!

Solar panels

Solar panels to generate free electricity from the Sun!

Solar powerbanks

Never be without power for your devices. Take your solar powerbank travelling and charge by solar power or the USB port of your computer while you are working. These eco gadgets store power for your important devices like smartphones, tablets and cameras so you always have power when you need it.

Solar robot kits

Built it yourself solar robot kits.

Special offers

Specials - up to 50% off


ECO friendly textile based products.


Educational or just plain fun!


Eco-friendly travel products.

Water bottles, mugs and containers

Reusable water bottles, mugs and containers that replace disposable, polluting plastic items.